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True-false-make it right 2

For a true-false-make it right task, give all the students the same diagram of a family tree and read out a description of it, deliberately including some untrue statements. The students’ job is to say “kei te tika” (true) or “kei te hē” (false) as you read each statement. If their answer is the latter, can they go a step further and correct the information? You could extend this task to include reading and writing.

You could use some of the language in the reomation Taku whānau (My family) for a true-false-make it right task, for example:

Ko Peter te pāpā o Hēmi. Ko Peti te kuia o Hēmi. Ko Mike te koroua. Ko Ani te māmā. Ko Ropata te pōtiki. Ko Hēmi te mātāmua. Ko Paora te tuakana o Hēmi. (Peter is the father of Hēmi. Peti is the grandmother of Hēmi. Mike is the grandfather. Ani is the mother. Ropata is the last born. Hēmi is the first born. Paora is the older sibling of Hēmi.)

Extension. Once they are confident, the students could take on the role of describing a family tree and including deliberate errors for their peers to notice and correct. The other students will need the correct version of the family tree diagram.

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