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Multiple choice

Use a diagram of a family tree as in resource sheet 1.4, for a multi-choice task or a true-false-make it right task. As you explore the family tree together, get the students to work out which descriptor best applies to which person on the family tree.

Possible descriptors include:

Maori vocabulary

English translation

Ko ... te pāpā/māmā/koroua/kuia. ... is the father/mother/grandfather/grandmother.
Ko ... rāua ko ... ngā tīpuna/mātua. ... and ... are the grandparents/parents.
Ko ... rātou ko ..., ko ngā tamāhine/tama/tamariki. ... and ... are the daughters/sons/children.
Ko ... te mātāmua/pōtiki. ... is the first-born/last born.
Ko ... te whaea kēkē/matua kēkē/kaihana. ... is the aunt/uncle/cousin.
Ko ... te huatahi. ... is the only child.

Remember that families come in many forms.

Language tip

Different terms are used in different areas. For more information see Regional variations.

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