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Unit 6 Ngā tau (Numbers)


Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari taku toa he toa takitini.

My achievements are not mine alone, they are the achievements of many.


Introduce the following aspects of tikanga Māori to your students:

  • The system of counting is a base 10 system. Because of this, it is an easy system to learn.
  • Traditionally, the counting of large quantities was treated differently, and words such as rau, mano, and tini expressed approximate, rather than exact, amounts. However, the words that are used today for hundred (rau) and thousand (mano) mean exactly these amounts.

Beside the examples of te reo Māori in the following tasks and activities, English translations are provided to assist you. They are not literal translations, but how to say the same thing in English. This support does not mean that you should necessarily say the English. That depends on the task or activity and your students’ needs.

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