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Unit 3 Kai (Food)


Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te manuhiri.

With your food basket and with my food basket, the visitors will be satisfied.


Introduce the following aspects of tikanga Māori to your students:

  • It is important to respect and care for all natural food sources, such as forests, rivers, lakes, and the sea.
  • Working together to cater for and look after guests is important.
  • All activities related to growing, gathering, and harvesting food require people to work together (mahi ngātahi).

Beside the examples of te reo Māori in the following tasks and activities, English translations are provided to assist you. They are not literal translations, but how to say the same thing in English. This support does not mean that you should necessarily say the English. That depends on the task or activity and your students’ needs.

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