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For a dictocomp task, read out (twice) a kōrero about a family. During the first reading, just get the students to listen. During the second reading, pause between sentences so that they can jot down some rough notes (in either English or Māori). Then get them to work in small groups and use their notes to work out the relationships in the family.

This does not need to be an aural task. You could give the students some written text to read about a family. When they have read it collect the text, and then get them to visually depict the relationships in the family based on what they read.

Reomation. Try using some of the language in the transcription of the reomation Taku whānau (My family) for this task.

You can use a dictocomp such as this to focus on a particular sentence pattern, for example, the conjunction “rāua ko”, as in “Hamuera rāua ko Kiri” (Hamuera and Kiri).

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