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Design a cloze, where the students have to fill in gaps in a piece of text, using food-related pictures as a stimulus. You could use resource sheet 3.8 and the transcript available online from the reomation Te mahi kai (Preparing food).

For example:

Maori vocabulary

English translation

Anei te (pereti). Here’s the (plate).
Anei (te) parāoa. Here’s (the) bread.
He (pata). Some (butter).
(Anei) he (rētihi). (Here’s) some (lettuce).
He (parāoa) anō ... mmm ... he (tino) reka! Some more (bread) ... mmm ... (very) delicious!
Āe, he reka. Engari, mā (te) (manuhiri) tēnā. Yes, delicious. But that’s for (the) (visitors).


For a more simple cloze, you could use the text in the reomation Ngā ika e rua (Two fish).

Alternatively, design a cloze task that doesn’t include picture clues. Just leave out some words in a story, instruction, recipe, or menu for the students to fill in. There are several options: you could leave out every nth word, for example, or you could omit a particular part of speech.

Once your students are experienced with the cloze technique, they could make up their own kai clozes for their peers to complete.

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