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Role play

Extension. Use semi-scripted dialogues and get the students to role-play some typical meal scenes.

Māori vocabulary

English translation

I te rā tuatahi, he hanawiti. On the first day, a sandwich.
I te rā tuarua, he parehe. On the second day, some pizza.
I te rā tuatoru, he āporo. On the third day, an apple.
I te rā tuawhā, he panana. On the fourth day, a banana.
I te rā tuarima, he hupa. On the fifth day, some soup.

Similarly, they could use ordinal numbers to preface the sequential steps in a recipe, for

Māori vocabulary

English translation

I te tuatahi ... Firstly ...
I te tuarua ... Secondly ...
I te tuatoru ... Thirdly ...

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