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Te mahi kai (Preparing food)


Bossy Jenny is giving Sam instructions on what she needs to make a sandwich. We see Sam ‘flying’ off screen to find what Jenny needs. Sam looks hungrily at the finished product – piled high with yummy fillings, but it is not for him! The students might like to suggest who it’s for.

Language Focus

The reomation is simple and repetitive. Jenny instructs Sam to pass/give her different items, for example, ‘Homai he pereti’ (Give me a plate), and Sam obliges. As he presents her with the required items, he says ‘Anei ...’ (Here’s ...).

Notice the indefinite article ‘he’ (a/some), for example, ‘Homai he parāoa (Give me some bread).

Notice too the way that, in Māori, a command is formed by adding a suffix to the verb. In this case, we added the suffix ‘-tia’ to the verb ‘manaaki’ to create ‘Manaakitia’ (Look after).


Jenny is aware of tikanga (Māori custom) – hence her giving the sandwich to the visitor, because ‘manuhiri’ (visitors) always come first (and, indeed, get given the best food available).

Transcript and Translation

Speaker Māori English
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Te mahi kai. Preparing food.
Jenny Homai he pereti. Pass a plate.
Sam Anei he pereti. Here’s a plate.
Jenny Homai he parāoa. Pass some bread.
Sam Anei he parāoa. Here’s some bread.
Jenny He pata. Some butter.
Sam He pata! Some butter!
Jenny He tīhi. Some cheese.
Sam Anei. Here (it is).
Jenny Homai he rētihi. Pass some lettuce.
Sam Anei he rētihi. Here’s some lettuce.
Jenny He mīti...he tōmato...he tote. Some meat... some tomato ... some salt.
Sam Anei. Here (it is).
Jenny He pepa? He parāoa anō. Some pepper? Some more bread.
Sam Anei. Here.
Jenny Mmmmmmm he tino reka! Mmmmmmmm very delicious.
Sam Āe. He hanawiti. Mmmmmmm. Yes. It’s a sandwich. Mmmmmmm.

Engari mā te manuhiri tēnei.

Manaakitia ō manuhiri i ngā wā katoa.

But this is for the visitors. Look after your visitors always.


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