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True-false-make it right

Give the students a true-false-make it right task. Hand them a set of pictures depicting a recipe, food-related story, or menu. Read the associated text to them, working through it sequentially from beginning to end, deliberately making untrue statements along the way. The students’ job is to say or write either “kei te tika” (true) or “kei te hē” (false). If the latter is their answer, they could go a step further and give you the correct form.

For example, using the pictures on resource sheet 3.7 from the reomation Kei te hiakai ahau (I’m hungry), you could suggest the following in te reo Māori:

Māori vocabulary

English translation

He pai ki a ia te tīhi. He likes cheese.
He pai ki a ia ngā noke. He likes worms.
He pai ki a ia te tōhi. He likes toast.
He pai ki a ia ngā rēmana. He likes lemons.

Once they are confident, the students could take on the job of reading a recipe, food-related story, or menu, putting in some deliberate errors themselves for their peers to notice and correct.

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