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Cut a recipe into strips to make a strip-story task and ask the students to collectively order the steps/instructions. Give each student one step/instruction to read and then memorise. Once they have memorised the steps/instructions, collect the strips and get them to work together to sort out the correct order. To make the task easier, let the students keep the written instructions while they are putting them in order.

A strip story for making a cup of drinking chocolate is on resource sheet 3.5.

Extension. A more difficult variation is to cut each strip in half so that each student starts with just half a strip. The students have to join the halves together before they can reconstruct the whole recipe.

A variation for younger or less confident students is to include picture clues that illustrate the words (with written instructions on separate strips from the matching pictures). Their task is to negotiate with their peers, match the words to the pictures, and reconstruct the recipe.

You can turn dialogues about food into strip stories, for example, a mealtime conversation.

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