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True-false-make it right

For a true-false-make it right task, show the students a picture of a typical birthday scene and read out some text about it, deliberately making some untrue statements as you go. Get the students to say or write either “kei te tika” (true) or “kei te hē” (false). Can they go a step further and make it right – by telling you what you should have said?

For example, showing the picture on pages 32–33 in First Thousand Words in Māori, you could make statements such as the following, for your students to verify:

Maori vocabulary

English translation

Ko te rā whānau tēnei. This is the birthday.
E ono ngā poihau. There are six balloons.
Kei te tū te tāne. The man is standing.
E whā ngā kānara. There are four candles.
Kei roto te wahine. The woman is inside.

Once they are confident, the students could take on the role of describing the birthday scene, communicating some deliberate errors for their peers to notice and correct. You could use the reomation Taku huritau (My birthday), as a stimulus.

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