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Design a cloze task where the students have to fill in gaps in the text. Use an appropriate picture as a stimulus and support. More information about cloze tasks can be found under the heading "Using tasks and activities" on this page.

If you use the language in the reomation Ko te rā whānau a Koro (Koro’s birthday), you could create a cloze like the following (with the words in brackets missing):

Maori vocabulary

English translation

Ko te rā (whānau) tēnei a (Koro). This is Koro’s birthday.
Kei hea te uhi (mā)? Where is the white tablecloth?
Kei (roto) i te (hautō). In the drawer.
Tikina ngā (pereti). Fetch the plates.
Homai (ngā) pune. Pass the spoons.
Kei (hea) ngā kānara? Where are the candles?
Hari (huritau), Koro. Happy birthday, Koro.

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