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Related topics

  • Science – time; Matariki; the seasons; investigating the night sky.
  • Mathematics – class surveys and graphs about your students’ birth months and birth places; the costs involved in a celebratory event; working out quantities of ingredients for a cake.
  • Social sciences – comparing the place of Matariki in te ao Māori with how the Pleiades features in other cultures; researching how birthdays are celebrated around the world; exploring the way other cultures celebrate New Year; researching birth rituals and comparing them with tohi (baptism) ceremonies; looking at special birthdays (such as twenty-firsts); researching birth stories (for example, Māui’s birth story).
  • The arts – making a Matariki kite; designing invitations to a party; creating wrapping paper using Māori designs.
  • Physical education – party games.

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