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Tasks and activities

  1. Flashcards 1

    For vocabulary recognition, make a set of flashcards using resource sheet 7.1.

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  2. Flashcards 2

    Use resource sheet 7.1 to make another pack of cards showing the matching words.

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  3. Bingo cards

    Use the Bingo cards on resource sheet 7.2 to reinforce the vocabulary.

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  4. Multiple choice

    Create some multi-choice descriptions to go with some pictures of celebrations.

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  5. Treasure hunt

    Design a treasure hunt for a birthday party using clues in te reo Māori (in the form of commands).

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  6. Strip-story

    Turn the Ngā Kete Kōrero story Te Rā o Māmā into a strip story.

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  7. True-false-make it right

    For a true-false-make it right task, show the students a picture of a typical birthday scene and read out some text about it, deliberately making some untrue statements as you go.

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  8. Cloze

    Design a cloze task where the students have to fill in gaps in the text.

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  9. Same-different

    For a same-different task that students can work on in pairs, use the sets of numbered grids (Set A and Set E) showing celebration-related pictures in resource sheet 7.3.

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  10. Dycomm

    For a group or pair dycomm task, give one student some information from a birthday invitation and the other student different information. Get them to ask each other questions and give each other answers in te reo Māori.

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  11. Text innovation

    You can use text innovation to help your students manipulate the language in a task where they still have the security of predictable sentence patterns from the original piece of text.

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  12. Role play

    With your students, use scripted or semi-scripted dialogues and have them role-play some typical celebration scenes.

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  13. Dictocomp

    For a dictocomp task, read a story about a Matariki celebration (twice) at normal speed.

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  14. Listen-and-draw

    For a listen-and-draw task, give the students some simple instructions about items to draw onto a picture of an empty table, to create a picture of a celebration feast.

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  15. Information transfer

    Facilitate an information transfer task using the reader Te Rā o Māmā, with or without showing the pictures.

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