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For a same-different task that students can work on in pairs, use the sets of numbered grids (Set A and Set E) showing celebration-related pictures in resource sheet 7.3. Notice how some of the pictures are the same across both grids, but some are different. Give one student Set A and the other Set E. Ask the students to communicate with each other, box by box, to work out which boxes are identical (“he rite”) and which are different (“he rerekē”).

To make this task more challenging, have pictures of the same items in the boxes in Set A and Set E but draw some of them with different characteristics; for example, a square cake with five candles and a circular cake with six candles, so that the students not only have to name the item (“keke”) but also have to communicate about some of the details.

You could use attribute blocks to first introduce and then consolidate the words for long, square, round, and the colours. Or use books such as He Kaui mā Pēpi, He Momo Pōro, He Aha Rā?, Ka Kitea e Au ..., and Ngā Tohu o te Huarahi, which introduce these concepts and terms. They are available in big book format.

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