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Ko te rā whānau a Koro (Koro's birthday)


The scene is grandad’s birthday – a celebration. We see the children helping to set the table. They put so many candles on Koro’s cake that he needs a fire extinguisher to put them out!

Language focus

There are many useful language structures in this reomation. You will learn how to ask where something is – using ‘Kei hea ...’ (where). You will also learn a possible answer for that question, for example, ‘Kei roto...’ (inside).

In addition you will learn some commands, for example, Tīkina (Fetch); Pūhia (Blow). And, of course, you will learn how to say Happy Birthday.

Transcript and Translation

Speaker Māori English
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Ko te rā whānau a Koro. Koro’s birthday.
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Kei te whakapai a Marama rāua ko Sam i te tēpu. Marama and Sam prepare the table.
Sam Kei hea te uhi tēpu? Where’s the tablecloth?
Marama Kei roto i te kīhini. Tīkina ngā pereti me ngā pune...Tīkina ngā huarākau. In the kitchen. Fetch the plates and the spoons... Fetch the fruit.
Sam Anei ngā pereti me ngā pune. Anei ngā huarākau. Here are the plates and the spoons. Here’s the fruit.
Marama Tīkina ngā kānara. Fetch the candles.
Sam E hia ngā kānara? How many candles?
Mere He maha. Lots.
Te Awarangi Anei te keke. Here’s the cake.
Mere Anei ngā kānara! Here are the candles.
Sam He maha ngā kānara nē? (There’s) a lot of candles isn’t there?
Te Awarangi and Marama Āe. Yes.
Te Awarangi, Sam and Marama Pūhia e Koro!Pūhia e Koro! Hari huritau e Koro! Blow Koro!Blow Koro! Happy birthday Koro!


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