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True-false-make it right

For a true-false-make it right task, show an illustration in the big book version of the Ngā Kete Kōrero book Tōku Marae (recently revised for English-medium schools with teachers’ notes) and describe it using the sentence pattern He wāhi + verb, for example, “He wāhi waiata”. Ask the students to decide whether your description corresponds with the picture you are showing. If it does, they should say “Kei te tika” (true). If it does not, they should say “Kei te hē” (false) and tell you what you should have said (to make it right).

Alternatively, you could show the students an illustration of a scene from a pōwhiri (from resource sheet 8.3) and make some true and false statements about it for students to verify.

 Once they are confident, the students could take on the role of describing a picture and communicating some deliberate errors for their peers to notice and correct.

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