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Tasks and activities

  1. Flashcards

    For vocabulary recognition, make two sets of flashcards (pictures and words) using resource sheet 8.1.

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  2. Bingo cards

    Using resource sheet 8.2 facilitate a game of Bingo.

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  3. Multiple choice

    Create multi-choice descriptors of the steps in a pōwhiri, to accompany the pictures on resource sheet 8.3.

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  4. Strip-story 1

    You could also use the main stages of a pōwhiri for a strip-story task.

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  5. True-false-make it right

    For a true-false-make it right task, show an illustration in the big book version of the Ngā Kete Kōrero book Tōku Marae and describe it using the sentence pattern He wāhi + verb.

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  6. Same-different

    For a same-different task that the students can do in pairs, use the set of grids in resource sheet 8.4.

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  7. Dycomm

    For a dycomm task, give one student information about some activities planned for a school visit to a marae and the times when they are scheduled to take place.

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  8. Speech balloons and captions

    Copy the pictures of the scenes from a pōwhiri on resource sheet 8.3 and add speech balloons or places for captions.

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  9. Dictocomp

    To facilitate a dictocomp, read a small passage, twice, about a pōwhiri, with the students making notes along the way in English or Māori (or in both languages).

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  10. Marae visit

    One of the best ways for your students to learn about a marae is for you to take them to visit one.

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  11. Strip-story 2

    For a group or class strip-story task, get the students to sequence the lines of a waiata while they listen to the song.

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  12. Simple karakia

    Learn the words of some simple karakia with resource sheet 8.6.

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