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Strip-story 2

For a group or class strip-story task, get the students to sequence the lines of a waiata while they listen to the song. For example, you could use the lines to the waiata “Ko Tōku Marae Tēnei” (from Ka Mau te Wehi!) on resource sheet 8.5.

Photocopy the resource sheet and cut out each strip. Divide your class into pairs. Give each pair a set of the fourteen strips in jumbled order. Ask them to see whether they can work together to put the song words in order as the song is sung, before the song finishes. The pair that finishes first, with the song words in the correct order, is the winning team. Either sing the song yourself or play it on the Ka Mau te Wehi! CD as many times as necessary.

Once the groups have finished, sing (or play) the song again for them to check whether their word order is the same as the one in the song. Then show the class the words to the song, using resource sheet 8.5, while they listen to it being sung again.

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