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Do the cloze task on resource sheet 6.5 from the reomation Tokohia? E hia? (How many people? How many?). You can create your own cloze task by copying the transcript (available online) and deleting your own selection of words.

If you make a large laminated version of the cloze, you could use sticky notes to cover up the number words. This is a very flexible way to use a cloze. All you have to do is to lift a sticky off when the group orally fills in the gap in the sentence. This activity is a good way to check on how well students are doing with some of the language chunks you are teaching. Eventually, you will be able to let the students take turns to put sticky notes over words in a familiar cloze, for the group to fill in the gaps.

More information about the advantages of using a cloze task and how to make one more, or less challenging, can be found under the heading "Using tasks and activities" on this page.

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