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Multiple choice

Use resource sheet 6.6 as a stimulus for two sets of multi-choice descriptors, where your students have to work out which description best applies to each picture, as in the following examples from the reomations Tokohia? E hia? (How many people? How many?) and Te hoko kai (Buying/selling food):

Maori vocabulary

English translation

E rua tāra. Two dollars.
E toru tāra, rima tekau hēneti. Three dollars, fifty cents.
Kotahi tāra. One dollar.
E whā tāra, rua tekau mā rima hēneti. Four dollars, twenty five cents.

Maori vocabulary

English translation

Tokowhā ngā tama. Four boys.
Kotahi te tama. One boy.
Tokorua ngā tama. Two boys.
Tokotoru ngā tama. Three boys.

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