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Total physical response (TPR)

For a total physical response (TPR) activity, get your students to move in ways that respond to your instructions. Include some numbers. If they follow your instructions successfully, they are demonstrating their understanding of the language.

For example, put numeral cards on the wall or the whiteboard. Divide the class into two groups. The first student from each group stands. Call out a number (for example, “e rima”). The two students who are standing have to run to the appropriate card and swat it with a rolled-up piece of newspaper. They then move to the back of their group and the next student from each group stands for a turn. The winning team is the first group to swat five numerals correctly.

Another TPR activity could involve asking for a specific number of objects. Have the students sit in a circle with classroom equipment in the middle. Start by modelling a request, for example:

Maori vocabulary

English translation

Homai kia whā ngā pene rākau. Pass me four pencils.

Model the response. Then get the students to respond to you physically by handing over the number of objects you have asked for. You could extend this by modelling how to say:

Maori vocabulary

English translation

Anei ngā pene rākau e whā. Here are four pencils.

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