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Tokohia? E hia? (How many - people? How many?)

This reomation focuses on counting people and pets.

Language Focus

In this reomation, you will learn how to ask the question ‘how many’ – which varies, depending on whether you are asking about people or animals/things. You use ‘Tokohia’ to ask how many people there are and ‘E hia’ to ask how many animals/things.

You will notice that counting people is slightly different from counting animals (or things).

When counting 2-9 people, there is a prefix ‘toko-’, for example, ‘tokoono ngā tamariki’ (six children).

When counting animals (or things), you’ll notice that the numbers 2-9 are preceded by ‘e’, for example, ‘e whā ngā kurī’ (four dogs).

Note the exceptions; namely one, for example, ‘kotahi te ika’ (one fish) and numbers beginning with tekau (ten), for example, ‘tekau mā toru ngā mōkai’ (thirteen pets).

Transcript and Translation

Speaker Māori English
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Tokohia? E hia? How many (people)? How many?
Narrator Tokohia ngā tamariki? How many children?
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Tahi, rua, toru, whā, rima, ono. Tokoono ngā tamariki. One, two, three, four, five, six. Six children.
Narrator E hia ngā mōkai? How many pets?
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Tahi, rua, toru, whā, rima, ono, whitu, waru, iwa, tekau, tekau mā tahi, tekau mā rua, tekau mā toru.Tekau mā toru ngā mōkai. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. Thirteen pets.
Narrator Tokohia ngā mātua? How many parents?
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Tahi, rua, toru! Tokotoru ngā mātua. One, two, three! Three parents.
Narrator E hia ngā kurī? How many dogs?
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Tahi, rua, toru, whā. E whā ngā kurī. One, two, three, four. Four dogs.
Narrator Tokohia ngā kōtiro? How many girls?
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Tahi, rua, toru, whā. Tokowhā ngā kōtiro. One, two, three, four. Four girls.
Narrator E hia ngā ika? How many fish?
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Kotaki te ika. One fish.
Narrator E hia ngā rāpeti? How many rabbits?
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Tahi, rua! E rua ngā rāpeti. One, two! Two rabbits.
Narrator Tokohia ngā tama? How many boys?
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Tahi, rua! Tokorua ngā tama. One, two! Two boys.
Narrator E hia ngā ngeru? How many cats?
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Tahi, rua, toru! E toru ngā ngeru. One, two, three! Three cats.
Narrator E hia ngā kiore? How many mice?
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Ngā kiore? Kei hea te kiore? Mice? Where’s the mouse?
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Kāore he kiore. There are no mice.
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Engari, kotahi te ngeru mōmona. But, there’s one fat cat.



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