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True-false-make it right

Give your students a true-false-make it right task. For example, you could give every student the same picture of a sports day or family outing. Try using the final double-page illustration in Te Kete Kupu: 300 Essential Words in Māori. While you read a description of the picture, deliberately make some untrue statements about it along the way. Your students’ task is to say or write either “kei te tika” (true) or “kei te hē” (false). When it is the latter, can they go one step further and correct the statement (make it right)?

 There are pictures from the reomation Tama iti (Small boy) on resource sheet 5.7. Try using them as a stimulus for a true-false task using the sentence pattern kei te + verb + a Sam, for example:

Maori vocabulary

English translation

Kei te meke a Sam. Sam is boxing.
Kei te oma a Sam. Sam is running.
Kei te hiki a Sam. Sam is lifting.

Once they are confident with this, the students could take on the task of describing a picture and communicating deliberate errors for their peers to notice and correct.

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