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Have the students work in pairs on a same-different task. For this, each student in the pair needs to have a numbered grid, with each box in the grid showing pictures of, for example, healthy pastimes. The grids need to include some pictures that are the same and some that are different. Get the students to communicate with each other, box by box, in order to determine which boxes are identical (“he rite”) and which are different (“he rerekē”).

There could be very obvious differences or subtle ones, depending on what you think your students are ready for. For example, an obvious difference could be that one person has a picture showing a group singing a waiata – whereas the other person has a picture of a group doing the haka. A more subtle difference would be if each partner had a picture of a group doing stick games but one showed two people while the other showed four people. (See resource sheet 5.8.)

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