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Multiple choice

Create multi-choice descriptors to accompany the pictures of the sports equipment on resource sheet 5.1. The students have to work out which descriptor best applies to each picture. For example, you could show the picture of the whistle and provide the following choices for the students to select from:

Maori vocabulary

English translation

He tūkohu. A basket.
He pōro. A ball.
He wīhara. A whistle.
He pōtae. A hat.

For a similar activity, use the pictures from resource sheet 5.4, then provide choices, such as the following:

Maori vocabulary

English translation

Kua mamae tana puku. His/Her tummy is sore.
Kua mamae tana upoko. His/Her head is sore.
Kua mamae tana waewae. His/Her leg is sore.

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