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Tasks and activities

  1. Flashcards

    Introduce sports-related vocabulary using the sports-related flashcards.

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  2. Playing cards

    Combine the words and pictures from resource sheet 5.1 to make packs of cards to play matching games like Snap, Fish, and Pairs.

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  3. Bingo cards

    For a game of Bingo to reinforce the hauora vocabulary, use the Bingo cards from resource sheet 5.3.

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  4. Speech balloons

    Hand out copies of resource sheet 5.4 and get the students to fill in the speech balloons, focusing on how to express an ailment.

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  5. Multiple choice

    Create multiple choice descriptors to accompany the pictures of the sports equipment on resource sheet 5.1.

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  6. Listen-and-draw 1

    Facilitate a listen-and-draw task to help the students consolidate their sports-related vocabulary (as well as the language of instruction).

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  7. Information transfer

    Information transfer tasks involve getting students to put spoken or written text into another form, such as a chart, grid, picture, or diary – or the converse.

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  8. Strip-story

    Do a strip-story task by cutting a piece of written text about a health or sports topic into strips and asking the students to collectively, through negotiation, reconstruct the content.

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  9. Cloze

    Using the pictures from the reomation Kei te Tākaro ngā Tamariki (The Children are Playing), design a cloze task with picture clues where the students have to fill in the gaps in the text.

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  10. True-false-make it right

    Make a true-false-make it right task by giving every student the same picture of a sports day or family outing.

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  11. Same-different

    Have the students work in pairs on a same-different task.

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  12. Script-writing

    Facilitate a script-writing task where the students (working in groups) write aerobics instructions.

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  13. Listen-and-draw 2

    Design a listen-and-draw task where you give the students an incomplete picture (for example, of a sports day at school, walking in the bush, flying kites, or a class trip to the beach).

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  14. Descriptive quiz

    Use descriptive quizzes to describe your favourite healthy food or a famous sports person.

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  15. Text Innovation

    Rewrite a Māori language reader.

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