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Start. Resource sheet 5.1 provides images for a sports-related set of flashcards, together with illustrations of a doctor, a nurse, a dentist, and some medicine. To introduce the sports-related vocabulary, use the sports-related flashcards. For example, show the picture of the swimmer and ask:

Maori vocabulary

English translation

He kaihīkoi? He kaikauhoe? A tramper? A swimmer?

or (more challenging)

Maori vocabulary

English translation

He kaihīkoi, he kaikauhoe rānei? A tramper or a swimmer?

or (even more challenging)

Maori vocabulary

English translation

He kaihīkoi tēnei, he kaikauhoe rānei? Is this a tramper or a swimmer?

Language tips

  • The prefix “kai-” is useful for describing someone’s job or role. It means “a person who ...”.
  • Notice that “rānei” (“or”) comes after two choices.

Use resource sheet 5.2 showing the parts of the body for another vocabulary recognition task. You may want to print out the version without labels, for the students to complete.

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