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Convert the weather forecasts on resource sheet 4.8 into strip stories. Cut a forecast into strips. Give each student one strip to read and memorise. Once all the sentences are read and memorised get them to work together to arrive at the correct order orally – for example, from north to south. You can also do a written form of this task, where the students are allowed to keep their allocated written sentence while they work with others to put all the sentences in order. More information about how to make a strip-story or a strip-picture can be found under the heading "Using tasks and activities" on this page. The reomation Ngā āhua o te huarere (The weather) contains text that you could also use for a similar task using selected frames from the reomation as visual cues.

Another variation would be to cut a five-day weather record chart (as depicted earlier) into ten strips, with five strips showing the weather symbols, and five the weather descriptions. Get your students to put the chart back together using simple clues that you give them about the weather on each day.

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