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Learning intentions and success criteria

Achievement objectives

Students will:

2.4 communicate about time, weather, and seasons.

Learning intentions

Possible learning intentions for this unit of work are to:

  • understand and use familiar words about the weather
  • understand and use short phrases about the weather
  • ask and answer questions about the weather
  • communicate about the weather using descriptive words and expressions in a sentence
  • describe the weather as it is right now
  • understand short weather reports
  • use “ki” to describe the weather in a place
  • use “tino” (very) in descriptions of the weather
  • use “ko” to ask and answer a question about the atua Māori associated with the weather.

Possible learning intentions for extension are to:

  • recognise, understand, and use less common words associated with the weather
  • recognise, understand, and use the Māori names for the main New Zealand cities and the meanings/stories behind them
  • discuss weather in the past
  • discuss the coming weather
  • understand and use some time phrases to describe weather in the past
  • understand and use some synonyms associated with the weather
  • understand and use “kāore”
  • use the word “āhua” to mean “quite” or “rather”
  • explore the way some words are used in gradations
  • learn the Māori names for ngā hau (winds)
  • recognise elements of weather in spoken texts, such as karakia
  • understand and use the days of the week developed by the Māori Language Commission.

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