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Tasks and activities

  1. Flashcards 1

    To introduce weather vocabulary, use flashcards resource sheet 4.1.

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  2. Flashcards 2

    You could combine the words and weather symbols from resource sheet 4.1 to make an additional pack of weather-related flashcards, with half showing weather tohu (symbols) and the other half words.

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  3. Bingo cards

    You could use resource sheet 4.2 and play a game of weather Bingo with your students to reinforce the weather vocabulary.

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  4. Same-different 1

    Have the students work in pairs on a same-different task where both students have a numbered grid with weather symbols in the boxes.

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  5. Same-different 2

    For another same-different task, use resource sheet 4.4 with the two maps of New Zealand, with their weather symbols, have similarities and differences for the students to compare.

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  6. Multiple choice

    Create multi-choice descriptions to accompany pictures of the weather from the reomation Ngā Āhua o te Huarere (The Weather), and get the students to work out which description best applies to which picture.

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  7. Expressing temperature

    Explore how to express temperatures.

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  8. Weather charts

    Encourage your students to keep a daily record of the weather for a week.

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  9. Information transfer

    You could read a report about the weather conditions around the country, and the students could draw the appropriate weather symbols onto a map of New Zealand.

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  10. Strip-story

    Convert the weather forecasts on resource sheet 4.8 into strip stories.

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  11. Cloze

    Design a cloze task where the students fill in gaps in a piece of text that also has weather-related pictures to help them.

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  12. True-false-make it right

    For a true-false-make it right task, give each student a copy of the same New Zealand weather map.

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  13. Dycomm

    For a dycomm task, give one student a map of the weather in the North Island and their partner a map of the weather in the South Island.

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  14. Dictocomp

    For a dictocomp task, read or listen to a weather forecast for New Zealand, twice, as in the reomation Ngā Tohu Huarere (Weather Forecasts).

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  15. Ordinal numbers

    If your students are confident with the days of the week and the cardinal numbers, you could introduce them to the ordinal numbers in te reo Māori as a way of describing the weather on each day of the school week

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