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True-false-make it right

For a true-false-make it right task, show the students a picture of a typical school or classroom scene (as in resource sheet 2.4) and read out a description of it, working your way sequentially around the illustration and deliberately making some untrue statements along the way. Get the students to say or write either “kei te tika” (true) or “kei te hē” (false). When it is the latter, can they go one step further and correct you?

You can use the language and images in some of the other reomations for this true-false-make it right task. For example, you could use the frame from the reomation I ngaro au 1 (I was lost 1) on resource sheet 2.8 while you give the following options:

Maori vocabulary

English translation

I ngaro tana pene. He lost his pen.
I ngaro tana pukapuka. He lost his book.
I ngaro tana pōtae. He lost his hat.
I ngaro tana pēke. He lost his bag.

Once they are sufficiently confident, the students could describe a school-related or classroom-related picture themselves, and could include some deliberate errors for their peers to notice and correct.

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