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Ngā kākano (The seeds)


This is a spoof on Jack and the Beanstalk. Te Awarangi plants two seeds in the ground, while Mere looks on doubtfully. The camera zooms in on the two seeds, one of which is frightened because of the dark. The other seed reassures his seed friend that they don’t need to be scared because they are in the bosom of Mother Earth, Papatūānuku. We see the shoots sprout above the earth. Mere and Te Awarangi watch excitedly as the shoots get bigger and bigger – so big that Te Awarangi gets caught in the stalk as it rises into the air.

Language focus

In this reomation you will hear the descriptive sentence starter ‘He ... ‘for example, ‘He kākano au’. (I am a seed). ‘He pōuri’. (It’s dark).

You will also notice the dual pronoun ‘tāua’ (us, that is, you and I).

Transcript and Translation

Speaker Māori English
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Ngā kākano The seeds
Kākano 1 He aha koe? What are you?
Kākano 2 He kākano au. He aha koe? I am a seed. What are you?
Kākano 1 He kākano au. I am a seed.
Kākano 1 and 2 He kākano tāua. We are seeds.
Kākano 1 He pōuri! Kei te mataku au. It’s dark. I’m scared.
Kākano 2 Kaua e mataku. Kei roto tāua i a Papatūānuku. Kei te pai koe? Don’t be scared. We are inside Mother Earth. Are you OK?
Kākano 1 Āe. Pēhea koe? Yes. What about you?
Kākano 2 Āe. Kei te pihi au. Yes. I am sprouting.
Kākano 1 Me au. And me.
Mere Kei te tipu. Growing.
Te Awarangi Kei te tipu tonu. Still growing.
Mere He roa te tipu, nē? The growth is long, isn’t it?
Te Awarangi Āe, he tino teitei hoki! Yes, it’s also very tall!
Mere Kei te haere koe ki hea? Where are you going?