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Ngā tohu huarere 2 (Weather forecasts 2)


In this reomation there are two sample weather forecasts, at different levels of difficulty.

Language Focus

You will encounter Māori place names – and terms for describing the weather in those places.

You will also notice the word ‘hoki’ which, in this context, means ‘also’.

Notice too the word ‘tohu’, which means a sign/symbol.

In the second weather forecast you will learn how to describe coverage from one geographic area to another, for example, ‘...mai i Taupō ki ....’ (from Taupō to ....).

You will also learn some points of the compass; for example, ‘tonga’ (south), ‘rāwhiti’ (east) and ‘hauāuru’ (west).

In addition, there are useful time phrases, for example, ‘i te ata’ (in the morning); ‘i te ahiahi’ (in the afternoon).

Transcript and Translation

Speaker Māori English
Weather reader (female) Anei ngā tohu huarere mō āpōpō. Here’s the weather forecast for tomorrow.
  Ki Te Ika-a-Māui, mai i Taupō ki Te Hiku o Te Ika, he paki. In the North Island, from Taupō to Northland, it will be fine.
  Ki te taha tonga atu i Taupō, he paki anō ki te rāwhiti, mai i Ahuriri ki Te Whakaoriori. South of Taupō, it will again be fine in the east, from Napier to Masterton.
  Ki te hauāuru, mai i Ngāmotu ki Te Upoko o Te Ika, he kapua i te ata, he kōuaua i te ahiahi. In the west, from New Plymouth to Wellington, there will be clouds in the morning, and showers in the afternoon.
  Ki Te Wai Pounamu, he rangi paki ki Whakatū, ki Wairau me te katoa o te rāwhiti. In the South Island, it will be a fine day in Nelson, Blenheim and all of the east.
  Ki te Tai Poutini, he kapua, he kōuaua ki ētahi wāhi. On the West Coast, there will be clouds, and showers at times.
  Ki Murihiku, ki Rakiura hoki, he kapua. In Invercargill, and also Stewart Island, it will be cloudy.