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Using the reomations

In this clip, we are introduced to one of the main sources of Māori language input in He Reo Tupu – namely, the reomations. These animations in te reo provide pronunciation support for teachers and students. We see how a teacher (having reviewed the animation "Te Mahi Kai") is able to apply certain language structures to real life sandwich-making with her students.


The reomations illustrate aspects of the Māori language as well as cultural knowledge, using affectionately portrayed, contemporary characters. The characters model correct pronunciation at differing levels of language complexity.

I have been using the animations; I have found them absolutely fantastic. How I used it was that I wanted to teach the children just basic kai vocab, so what we did first was we watched one of the animations. They just found them hilarious and they have watched them probably a dozen times now, and every time they are just as funny. The vocab that they have picked up is just amazing.

Catherine Allen – Brooklyn School

Enthused by their reactions, Catherine re-enacted the reomation Te mahi kai with the students, and made sandwiches in class.

When we were making sandwiches we watched the animation. Then I put the children into groups and said, 'Right we are going to make hanawiti now', and I had the different foods like laid out on the table, so tīhi, mīti and a range of other vegetables and things.

Catherine Allen – Brooklyn School


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