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Engaged learning

In this short clip, a teacher praises the He Reo Tupu resource for the way it accommodates a wide range of abilities and prior knowledge. In that vein, we see a child leading a game of kai bingo – using the resource sheets provided in He Reo Tupu.


It’s been really great that the resource is set to a range of different levels. We actually started at square one, you know the children they knew the word kai, they knew the word kumara, and a couple of them might have known maybe a couple of different words. But pretty much it started with those two words. So we started right at square one. That is why the resource is really useful because it does cater to a wide range of abilities.

Catherine Allen – Brooklyn School

Children pick things up at different paces, it’s quite interesting to see the children that do pick things up really quickly. And the others that maybe take a little bit longer. When we play kai bingo I choose some of the stronger children to maybe lead it, not just having a teacher lead it all the time.

Catherine Allen – Brooklyn School


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