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Te haere ki te kura (Going to school)


In this reomation, children tell us how they came to school. Some travelled in conventional ways, for example, bus, car. Others had more exciting modes; in particular, one boy combined three modes of transport to get to his classroom.

Language Focus

This reomation provides the sentence pattern needed for describing modes of transport, that is, ‘mā runga’ eg ‘mā runga motoka’ (by car) and ‘mā runga hōiho (on horseback).

Transcript and Translation

Speaker Māori English
Rōpū tamariki (off-screen) Te haere ki te kura Going to school
Te Awarangi I haere mai au mā runga paihikara. I came by bike.
Piripi I haere mai au mā runga papa wīra. I came by skateboard.
Jenny I haere mai au mā runga pahi. I came by bus.
Mere I haere mai au mā runga motokā. I came by car.
Sam I haere mai au mā runga poihau wera. I came by hot air balloon.
Jenny I haere mai koe mā runga aha? You came by what?
Sam Poihau wera me te hekerangi. Hot air balloon and parachute.
Piripi Hekerangi? Parachute?
Sam Āe, mā runga hōiho hoki. Yes, on horseback too.
Hōiho Tēnā koutou tamariki mā. Greetings children.