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Parents and whānau

Here we see the positive impact of a seamless transition from early childhood to Yr 1, in respect of Māori language learning – where community support is a driving influence.
We also witness a good example of ‘ako’, and ‘tuakana-teina’ learning, where a beginning teacher praises her senior teacher for modelling the integration of Māori language while, conversely, we hear how the senior teacher values her ‘teina’ for providing pronunciation help.


Our parents have been exposed to te reo through kindergarten and play centre. So when they come to school they have already got that background. But what we did do last year, which was one of the most exciting things I've done, and we actually invited teachers from the crèche, the play centre and the kindergarten to come to P.D once a week for a term. So that meant the whole basis of our small Brooklyn community actually had the same starting point, and it meant that we were also sharing the same ideas and we were all passionate about the same thing.

Felicity Bothamley – Brooklyn School

I think that parent support is absolutely vital, knowing that the children are going to be supported when they go home and, you know, using the phrases that the parents can support them also.

Catherine Allen – Brooklyn School

Our parents tend to stay in the classroom between 9/9.30, in the juniors, so they are actually hearing the language and also the children make them join in, so all the parents have to be asked how they feel. The parents are really pro, and I think part of it is not just what we are doing, that play centre and kindergarten are very serious about te reo. And so I think what is also happening is those parents have already been exposed to it from the time, whatever age, a child goes to kindy.

Felicity Bothamley – Brooklyn School

The supports that I have had while trying to implement te reo into my classroom is Felicity. She has been amazing, she.... it’s great to just watch somebody who is as inspirational as she is, you know, using it everyday, so I've taken a lot of what she does and used it myself.

Catherine Allen – Brooklyn School

Well I think that's interesting she said that because I would have said the other way round. I actually look towards Catherine, and particularly for pronunciation, which makes me nervous.

Felicity Bothamley – Brooklyn School


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